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          Welcome Wuhan HongMeiDa Curtain Wall Construction Material Co., Ltd.
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          Wuhan HongMeiDa Curtain Wall Construction Material Co., Ltd. was moved into Hubei Hong’An Economic Development Park from Foshan in 2012. It is within 40km to Wuhan Tianhe Airport and Wuhan Railway Station, 30km to Wuhan Hanyang Wharf. And there is Wuhan-Hefei highway, Wuhan-Hefei railway across. It is a large enterprise engaged in research, manufacturing and service of construction material used in curtail wall decoration.


          Our company covers over 40,000㎡ and construction area is 3,600㎡, including 2,500 ㎡ of workshop and warehouse. Current there are over 300 employees. In addition, we have advanced and automatic production line of aluminum plate, aluminum cellular board, aluminium-plastic composite panel, enamelled pressed steel and perfluorocarbon. Main products are aluminum veneer, aluminum cellular board, aluminum-plastic board, aluminum corrugated sheet, stone cellular board and enameled steel plate. They are widely used in star hotel, office building, shopping mall, metro station, airport, hospital, exhibition center, school and gym.


          Our operation tenet is “high quality and customer satisfaction”. We warmly welcome wide colleagues to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation. We expect to create brilliance together with all friends.